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Simulator Avionic Displays

SDI manufactures to customer specifications the complete line of Simulator Displays / cockpit displays (see examples below) using Active Matrix LCD (AMLCD) with LED back lighting. Our simulator displays duplicate the actual modern day Military and Commercial aircraft’s Displays, for visual, form, fit and function. The displays can include integrated switch Bezels for pilot display interface. Our custom LED backlighting provides extremely long life. SDI provides a variety of communication option between the Display and the host including Arinc C429, RS 232,RS 422, RS 485 and also a wide variety of video options.

Multi-Function Display Units (MFDU)
MFDU perform as Navigation, Primary Warning and System Multi-function cockpit Displays.

Up-front Control Display (UFCD)
The UFCD controls the functions of the Communication, Radio and Inertial Navigation, Identification, and associated equipment The ICP, DED and HUD together build the UFC (Up-Front Control) The side-consoles are used as back-up systems, if a failure of the ICP occurs.

Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) – Threat Warning Receiver (TWR) Displays
The Radar Warning Receiver [RWR] system provides the following functional capabilities: RF threat situational awareness, threat signal processing, re-programmability, associated defensive support equipment and training equipment, and future Electronic Warfare (EW) interfaces to other avionics defensive/offensive equipment. The RWR system detects, identifies, processes and displays airborne interceptor (AI), surface-to-air missile (SAM) and anti-aircraft artillery (AAA) weapon systems. Situation awareness provides the crew with threat type, emitter mode and threat angle-of-arrival (AOA) information.

Engine Fuel Display (EFD)
The EFD is a Monochrome AMLCD avionics display used to monitor engine fuel.

Horizontal Situation Indicators (HSI)-(EHSI)
The EHSI provides the following formats and relative data: HSI basic heading data, course, desired track, course direction, bearing pointers for multiple selectable sources, heading select, course select, range selection (MAP mode), waypoint and route, nearest airports, nearest Navaids, north up or current heading up mode, rate of turn, glide slope, weather radar information in ARC, MAP and Profile mode, winds and wind direction, ETA, TTG, DTG, Nav. selection, mode selection and TCAS overlay with vertical speed indication with revolutionary advisory capability.

Integrated Control Panel (ICP)
The ICP (Integrated Control Panel) is the main interface to the other systems. It is used among others, to enable weapons, selection of navigation settings and selection of radio communications. Together with the DED (Data Entry Display) the weapon system and activity are monitored, making the handling of this system easier. In a certain sense, the ICP is the keyboard and the DED the monitor of the system.

Data Entry Displays (DED)
Monitors the systems, making the handling of these systems easier.

Touch Screen Displays
SDI designs and manufactures custom built touch screen displays that are now being used in simulator applications for Military aircraft, helicopters and Commercial avionic.

SDI Cockpit / Simulator Avionic Displays:

Arinc'D (CDU)
Boeing DU
Primary Multifunction Display (PMFD)
Multipurpose Display Indicator (MDI)
With Rockers or Keys
Color Multifunction Display (CMFD)

Airbus MCDU
Your Simulator Display
Multipurpose Display Unit (MCDU)
Custom Built
To Your
Multipurpose Display (MPD)

Apache EUFD
Standby Flight Display (SFD)
Flat Panel Multipurpose Display (FPMPD)
Flat Panel Up Front Control (FPUFC)
Enhanced Up Front Display (EUFD)

TEDAC Apache
MFD Apache
Your Display
With or without pedestal
3 Times 3 ATI
Multifunction Display (MFD)
Custom Built
To Your

If you have any questions about SDI products, contact us at 714-258-2811 or via e-mail at

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