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Simulator Displays, Aircraft Panels and Avionic Keyboards from SDI

SDI manufactures simulator displays, flight simulator control panels, cockpit displays, military aircraft panels, integrated and illuminated keyboards, and aircraft EXIT signs. Our product line includes LCD based Simulator Flat Panel Multi-Function Displays Units (MFDU), Color Display Units (CDU), Up Front Control Displays (UFCD), Night Vision (NVIS), LED based lighting systems for Displays and Panels, Edge Lit Panels (ELP), Integrated Control Panels (ICP), Avionic Lighted Integrated Keyboards, Switch Bezels Panels, Self Powered Warning/Caution EXIT signs, Cockpit Markers/Pointers for Commercial and Military aircraft.

MPDU Aircraft Panels Simulated Multi-Function Displays
Multipurpose Display Unit (MCDU) Illuminated Panels Simulated Multi-Function Displays

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SDI specializes in best value custom built Simulator Displays and Aircraft Panels designed to meet your individual specifications and needs. For over 40 years in business, Symbolic Displays has been the leading world class manufacturer of custom built Simulator Displays, Flight Simulator Control Panels, and Aircraft Panels for the military and the commercial aerospace industry.

We are licensed to resize LCD glass for custom low cost display applications. We have complete in-house manufacturing and engineering capabilities providing high quality products combined with on-time delivery.

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